Floodlight Camera

Light up the night with 5000 Total Lumens with the Reflection Floodlight camera.

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Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera.

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Home Automation By Reflection

Stay connected with Reflection Home App. With Reflection Home App, you can stay connected and monitor your home anytime, anywhere with just a tap fo your finger.

Watch and monitor your home from your iPhone or iPad with Reflection’s Wi-Fi-connected security devices.
Reflection security devices stream live HD or SUPER HD video (selected devices) to your iPhone or iPad. Whether you are busy at work or on vacation, Reflection lets you watch over your home with FREE 24/7 Livestream.

Reflection devices also feature custom Motion Detection Zones that focuses on the most important areas of your home. With the free Reflection Home App, it is easy to set schedules when to receive a notification whenever motion is detected. With available cloud recording, you can record, review and share all the videos with your friends and family anytime. Prevention, Protection, Reflection.

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